i had a feeling that this would happen…
January 14, 2009, 10:48 am
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This time, instead of forgetting the dream, I wrote it down in a notebook that I’ve started to keep on my night stand.

Okay. Kelly-Ann and I were together in a cabin type thing (maybe in the mountains? I’m not sure where we were). It was almost like a normal house. We are sitting at the table in the kitchen/living room area when two girls walk past us. They both have brown/pink hair and they are walking to their room. Kelly-Ann and I continue whatever we were doing (I don’t remember exactly what we were doing… I think that we were each drawing/writing something). We weren’t talking at all (this is important later haha).

A few minutes later, we hear one of the girls yelling “I WISH THAT THEY’D BE QUIET SO THAT I CAN SLEEP!” I was a bit confused, because we were the only ones there with them and we were silent. Then, the two girls walked by us to get to the fridge and one of them said it again. I ignored her, because she COULDN’T have been talking to us! They got whatever they wanted from the kitchen and returned to their room. Soon thereafter, one of the girls comes out again and starts yelling at us for being too loud. She looks at me at screams “SHUT UP, I’M SLEEPING!” Of course, I start yelling back. We got in a yelling fight and she started talking about her boyfriend and how he cheats on her and how he is much older than her. Then, she started yelling at Kelly-Ann and she said that she was jealous of Kelly-Ann’s boyfriend because he was WAY better than her own. Then I woke up.


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