dream, dream, dreaaamm!
December 28, 2008, 11:10 am
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Last night I had a weird dream. The part that I remember starts with me walking home from school in the country. I’m walking along a dirt road when I suddenly spot a mountain lion about 50 yards in front of me. It’s not facing me, so I start slowly walking the opposite way so I don’t catch it’s attention. I keep looking back to make sure that it hasn’t seen me. I thought about climbing the fence and walking through the field, but I figured that it could jump the fence easily if it heard me. Once I was far enough away, I started to run…. but that caught it’s attention! I stopped running, tried to make myself seem as big as possible (idk… I guess that might work? haha) and I made loud sounds. I was totally being stalked by a mountain lion. The stupid thing even PASSED a deer on its way to chase me and didn’t even blink. At this point, dream-me is starting to get freaked out a bit (understatement).


Suddenly, a truck pulling a long horse trailor pulls onto the road and I flag them down. In the truck, there are two women and a baby. They let me in the truck, and I escape the mountain lion. In the truck, I tell them that I had just moved to the area and I tried to explain to them where I moved from… they were a bit clueless, but they saved me nonetheless!

…Then I woke up. Being curious about my dream, I did some research on dream interpretation (all in blue) and came up with this: Continue reading