frankenstein (not the cat)
August 16, 2009, 10:29 am
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Kelly-Ann and I had a busy, kind of scary weekend.

On Friday, my roommate Winn called us at 2PM and said that he would be home in 4 hours. We were really excited, and we couldn’t wait to see him. We were planning on going to a party, so we got ready and waited for him to arrive.

Just past 6, we started to think “oh, he just stopped somewhere to eat. He’ll be home soon.” Another hour passed, and then another. We called his cell and sent him a text. No answer.

“Well, maybe he stopped somewhere to visit a friend. He’ll call us back soon.”

It was 3:30AM and we still hadn’t heard ANYTHING. Super scary, right? So Kelly-Ann called 911 and told the operator the story. A police officer called her afterward and told us that there was nothing that we could do until he had been missing for 24 hours.

The next morning, Kelly-Ann called campus police. The officer couldn’t give us any of his home information, but he called Winn’s home number and left a message to call us.

Still nothing.

Kelly-Ann and I decided that there was nothing that we could do really until we heard back from his parents, so we decided to run errands and wait to hear back.

While I was driving, I decided to call Winn one last time to try to get in contact with someone. It rings for a bit and then a man answered.

“Are you looking for Winn? You can reach him at ###-###-####.” Awesome! I dialed the number and got a familiar voice.

It was Winn!!!

He told me that had gotten sick and blacked-out while driving home. He rolled his car on the highway. Luckily, he only had a cut on his head and a sprained ankle. He told me, “I look like Frankenstein right now.”

We were so happy that Winn was alright!

It made us think about how much we don’t know about each other. On the drive home, I put all of my family’s numbers in Kelly-Ann’s phone, just in case of emergency. Hopefully nothing like this will happen again!


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Wow, that sucks. At least you guys cared when he was missing! Hope he gets better.

Comment by Eli

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