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August 16, 2009, 9:43 pm
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Okay, so I got my oil changed on Friday on my way home from work. I was pretty low on coolant, as I was the previous time that I got my car serviced. He said that he couldn’t see any leaks, but I have a feeling that there was one anyway… Also, one of my oil valves had been leaking, which I knew, but I was 2 quarts low on oil as well. To top that off, my battery is getting very corroded, so I will have to replace it soon. Super good news right?

Soooo while my car is being serviced, I am borrowing my mom/step-dad’s extra car (a long-bed truck). Although it doesn’t have any A/C, I actually don’t mind driving it. It’s SOOO long! I have to take up 2 parking spaces to park it without blocking any lanes.

On with the story…

Today I went to the gym to play volleyball with some friends and Kelly-Ann and another friend. When I got to the gym parking lot, I heard a weird spraying sounds coming from under the hood. I thought that maybe it was just making noises because I had just turned it off, but my friend pointed to the car and said “What’s wrong with your car??”

Green liquid was spraying out from under the hood. Eww. I had no idea what the liquid was, but I assumed the worst and decided that it might be coolant. I didn’t want to open the hood to check it out while everything was still hot, so I went inside and continued on with my volleyball game.

When I left the gym, the spraying had stopped and the car was cooled down. I called my house and talked to my mom and step-dad I popped the hood and looked for the leak. It was nowhere to be found! I could see the green liquid, but I couldn’t see where it was spraying from. I was scared to drive it, so I just left it in the lot and my friend drove us home.

I talked to my mom and step-dad again and realized that I didn’t stick anything in the radiator to see if there was any coolant left in it. I had only looked into it without really measuring the depth. My mom told me to get a gallon of water to put in the radiator. Kelly-Ann and I returned to the lot, water and straws in tow.

As Kelly-Ann described it, we “poked it with a stick and filled it with water.” There was hardly any coolant, so I poured the gallon of water into the radiator. The car cranked and the engine did not seem to be too hot, so I left the lot to park the truck in our apartment’s lot.

Along the way, I hear a small clanging sound coming from inside the car. Then, I hear something fall out. I immediately though “oh noooo, I can’t remember if I tighted the radiator cap or not!!” I was really close to my apartment, so I got there and parked the car. I popped the hood and of course the radiator cap was missing. I asked Kelly-Ann if she had seen something fall out of my car. She did. It fell out and rolled across the road.


We get in her car, drive to the place where the cap fell out, and we begin to look for it. On our first pass, we didn’t see it. On the way back, I saw something in the turning lane in front of a restaurant. Once we got close, I realized that it was the cap! Kelly-Ann started to move over so that we could grab it, but some girl flew by and ran over the cap. Oops! Kelly-Ann stopped in the turning lane and I jumped out of the car, ran down the road, and grabbed the cap.

I got home, popped the hood, and it still fit!! Now the truck is sitting in a parking space. We are going to take it somewhere tomorrow.

Crazy weekend!


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