madlibs, part 2
May 3, 2009, 12:35 am
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This is what boredom can do.

An Odd Animal

The Smellanizer is an animal that has lime green fur with lavender spots on its knees and toenails. Its tail is shaped like a(n) remote which it uses to whistle trees. An adult Smellanizer may weigh more than 123, 213,000 pounds and stand over a bijillion feet high.

The Smellanizer can be found only in South Africa and Lichtenstein. Although its favorite food is pizzas, it also likes to eat glasses. If you ever see a(n) Smellanizer, be sure not to ever sing “”Baby Got Back”.” That song makes it crunchy. Instead, give it a few pizzas and be on your way.

Lessons Aesop Never Taught

And the moral of the story is…

Two books don’t make a(n) lipstick.

Never crush with giraffes.

Wade while you’re ahead.

One squishy television deserves another.

A moist car spoils the whole barrel.

The early ladybug catches the set of nail clippers.

Slow and steady wins the toothpick.

A olive a day keeps Barack Obama away.

Llamas of a feather trample together.

You can bring a(n) moose to water, but you can’t make it sneeze.


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