April 26, 2009, 11:26 am
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The Twilight Criterium was yesterday. There were a lot of drunk people… I include some of my friends in this statistic.

My friend had been awake for over 24 hours and he was TRASHED! We were at a Japanese restaurant when these lovely situations arose.

Me (while eating miso soup)

Want some seaweed?

Drunk Friend

Ya know that that’s been in someone’s toes, right?

Sober Friend

How was the ride home yesterday?

Drunk Friend

We bought chicken fingers!… and deodorant!

Sober Friend

You’ve been downtown straight from 7:30AM?

Drunk Friend

No, I layed down for a few hours in the grass. with Mary Jane… then I mowed the grass… and then something else kind of cool happened.

My friend Visar is an interesting fellow. At my friend’s birthday party, he told me about how he had come home the night before in his underwear will all of his clothes draped over his arms. He isn’t quite sure how that happened… but last night, he was determined to get this group of girls to go downtown with him. He asked them “If I dance around in my underwear, will you go downtown with us?” and he proceeded to strip to his underwear, beer can in hand, and dance for them – on the side of the road. I guess he figured that he ended up in his underwear the night before, so what was another time? I only missed this spectacle by about 5-10 minutes…. my friend David had to fill me in on the happenings.


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Sounds like a good spectacle to miss.

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