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April 17, 2009, 7:39 pm
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Newest top search term? “dream analysis monkeys chasing”


Today, Kelly-Ann, Winn, and I signed the lease to our new apartment for Aug 09-July 10. We had a great time being ADD and distracting the leasing agent. When he asked us about any requests that we might have, we started to get curious.

“What kind of requests?” we asked.

He started to explain the different scenarios that would require special requests, such as wanting to live in a certain building or a certain end of the building etc.

Ideas began churning.

“Oh well, I have a request…. I don’t want to be on the side with the main street” says Winn. He’s the subdued one of the group.

Kelly-Ann and I stayed silent for a short time before she came up with the best request ever.

“Can we live next to hott boys? … that aren’t jerks?” The leasing agent laughs, but his pen remains still. After plenty of persuasion, we talked him into actually writing that on our request form as request number 2.

Did I mention that we picked the hot pink request paper?



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The least agent thought it was awesome.

Comment by accountingelf

Erm. Leasing Agent. Not least agent. Most agent.

Comment by accountingelf

Also, I totally heard your alarm go off. I miss you. Please wake up.

Comment by accountingelf

Did the leasing agent have a secret agent number? And a license to fill … apartments?

Did you request an apartment with a loading dock? Maybe you should have requested an apartment with a hidden passageway accessed by a door disguised as a bookcase.

Comment by Adrian

Ohhh! Orrr an apartment with a secret room!

Comment by smellanizer

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