i’m getting to be a pro at this…
January 16, 2009, 10:49 am
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I had two dreams last night, but I was too lazy to get up to write the first one down. Alas, I forgot almost all of it. Apparently, Kelly-Ann was buying a new car and there were balloons in it? I’m not sure if that’s right, so I’ll just pretend like that one didn’t exist…. or did it?

The dream that I did remember involved my Spanish class. We were in a field, in the fall (the grass was green and there were leaves allll over the place), and we had an assignment. Our assignment was pretty much to talk on camera without looking like a total ditz or any variation of the word. Our teacher had the camera, and we were just hanging out like normal while he would randomly come up to us. We would stop what we were doing, and talk into the camera. Of course, I tried to think of something intelligent to say, but I totally blanked when it was my turn. I didn’t even pay attention to the question, and I had no clue what to say. I was the last one to go, so after I “talked into the camera” (haha), we went back into the classroom.

While we were discussing the assignment, something came up about how I hadn’t payed attention to my question when it was my turn. I replied with, “Sorry. I have the attention span of a two year-old…. but I’m working on it!!” HAHA!

You know the drill.

To see green fields in your dream, symbolizes great abundance, freedom, and happiness. You may also be going through a period of personal growth. Alternatively, this dream may simply be an expression for your love of nature…

To dream of autumn, indicates that something is about to come to an end and something new will begin. Alternatively, the dream is symbolic of the cycle of life. It is time to collect the benefits and rewards that you’ve worked so hard for.

Video Camera
…To dream that someone is using a video camera, indicates that you are reflecting back on your past and old memories. You may be trying to learn from previous mistakes or relive the good and bad times.

To dream that you are in a classroom, indicates that you may be learning an important life lesson. Alternatively, it symbolizes personal growth. You are learning something about yourself…

To see your teacher (past or present) in your dream, suggests that you are seeking some advice, guidance, or knowledge. You are heading into a new path in life and ready to learn by example or from a past experience. Consider your own personal experiences with that particular teacher. What subject was taught? Alternatively, it may relate to issues with authority and seeking approval. You may be going through a situation in your waking life where you feel that you are being treated like a student or in which you feel you are being put to a test…

Personal growth seems to be a key element in this dream. I wonder this personal growth is happening? I have much to figure out and many more dreams to analyze haha


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